Growing up, up, up!

Our sweet Charlotte turned one! 

With her nursery decorated in an "up in the clouds" sort of theme, it was a natural direction to go in for her birthday cake and party.

I was pretty enamoured with the image of an elephant floating away with a balloon, and wanted to keep the colours bright. With chocolate and lemon cake (and cupcakes), as well as hot air balloon and cloud sugar cookies, there were plenty of sweets to enjoy after a big birthday lunch of lasagna (her favourite)!

I really enjoyed making her cake - though would probably be ok not to have to cut out a freehand fondant or sugar cookie cloud anytime soon!

Of course, we took the opportunity to let her indulge in some sweet stuff. This is from a quick cake smash photo shoot, with the photos taken by her "Beepa" (Grampa). She was partial to the icing.

Happy Birthday Miss C! xo

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